“The Missing Spirit” stemmed from a chaotic time in the author’s life: an abrupt return to his country of origin after years spent well adapted to another culture. The reverse culture shock from leaving a well-established life in the USA for a sudden restart in Brazil brought about feelings of no longer belonging to his place of birth, as well as doubts regarding his dreams and pursuits.

After a long period decompressing with a friend from the college days, P. J. gave in to the exercise of transferring his anxiety to the blank page; to someone else’s mind. Keana then came alive as a protagonist – a young woman of uncertain origins, determined to find out what she is capable of and where she belongs in the world.

“The background for the story came together little by little. Other than existential matters, which originated the characters, some personal wonderings about the origin of the universe and the first steps of humankind also came alive, in parallel. When I realized, the challenges Keana and her friends had to face were tied to scientific notions regarding ancient human mysteries: doused with healthy doses of fantasy, for good measure. At every written scene, the world became more solid and so did the characters. It was impossible to stop writing.”

The early draft of the book, called “The Anachronicles of Keana Milfort”, was about 800 pages long, almost double the length of The Missing Spirit. “It was important to write in large scale so that the realm of Devagar reached the necessary density and so that the rules and political conflicts in this new universe became clearer for the characters and for myself. The plots which didn’t make the cut on the first book will be seen on the next installment… or installments.

Wrapping up an indie project of this magnitude would not be possible without the help of good friends and talented professionals. This is the team which helped put Devagar on the map.

Tainá Bandeira


The first beta reader and supporter of Devagar. Tainá read, commented and gave her blessing to the novel’s first draft, “The Anachronicles of Keana Milfort”, a naïve creative exaggeration consisting of 800 pages.

Luna Chino

Geographer and avid fantasy fan responsible for researching the Pleistocene period, in order to secure scientific consistency in the description of landscapes, vegetation and animal life, as well as outlining the first maps of Devagar.

Paulo Bellé

Architect, stylist and fantasy fan responsible for the research which allowed for richness and veracity to the description of clothing and buildings present in Devagar.

Amy Bennet

Copy editor responsible for condensing the 800-page original manuscript down to the final story. Amelia was fundamental in choosing which plots made the final cut, since the first-time author had a hard time killing his darlings.

Carol Melo

(Estudia Design) – graphic designer responsible for layout and style of the project as a whole. Her talent and exquisite eye can be seenon the paperback, eBook, social media and even right here on this website

Nico Lassalle

Creation of the cover and ravishing illustrations found throughout the book’s interior.

Lucía Rovira

Logos for the Eternity Departs series and the first novel, The Missing Spirit.

Valerie Valentine

Proofreader for The Missing Spirit; Valerie’s hawk eye forgave no exaggerated punctuation, no mistaken capitalization and no overlooked continuity mistake.

Bruno Algarve

Devagarian icons and symbols, as well as the final version of the official map.

Lucas Jones

Public relations for The Missing Spirit.

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