Two hundred thousand years ago, several proto-human species roamed the Earth. Among them, one went by undocumented: the Devine. This immortal people was gifted with phenomenal abilities, powered by a mysterious mineral, the remnants of an asteroid known as blustone.

“The Missing Spirit” begins at a point when Devine society has become highly sophisticated, while the wild peoples of the outside world still struggle to make fire, hunt down woolly giants, and survive a grueling Ice Age.

Living in LUMEN, the heart of the Devine civilization, KEANA MILFORT is a fifteen-year-old girl, who has always looked different. Her faded ebony skin and honey-colored hair and eyes serve as painful reminders of her unknown heritage.

Only now, at the brink of adulthood, something else has made her stand out: everyone her age has received an invitation to try out for LUMEN ACADEMY. Everyone, except for her. The coming-of-age event is the moment when young people discover whether they will receive supernatural abilities of their own or be dismissed and forced to join the much-reviled category of REGULAR people.

Frustrated at her missing invitation, the young girl can’t come to terms with a harrowing fate as a regular and decides to take matters into her own hands. But if Keana manages to unearth her forbidden heritage, the Devine may have to make sacrifices in order to protect their powers, their privilege and their immortality. Even if it means sacrificing her life.



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