Creating Relatable Characters

One of the key aspects of thoughtful writing  is relatability: if you understand your subject matter, your reader is bound to be engaged and to feel informed by what you present them with. On the other hand, patching your story together with assumptions and wild guesses is a surefire way to get your reader feeling … Continue reading Creating Relatable Characters

The Journey Back (Way, Way Back)

The question I get asked the most whenever the book comes up in conversation is: “Why write a story set in the Stone Age? Medieval fantasy is the thing right now!” Well, to be honest, the answer’s right there. If I wanted to read an enjoyable medieval tale about wizards, dragons and kingdoms being threatened … Continue reading The Journey Back (Way, Way Back)

The Welcoming Ceremony

Hello, and welcome to this humble page! I’m P. J. Maia, author of “The Missing Spirit” and if you’re a fantasy fan, I hope this blog becomes a new source of goodies for you. If there’s one thing I’ve learned treading the path from aspiring writer to self-published author is that there’s no substitute for stubbornness. … Continue reading The Welcoming Ceremony