The Welcoming Ceremony

Hello, and welcome to this humble page! I’m P. J. Maia, author of “The Missing Spirit” and if you’re a fantasy fan, I hope this blog becomes a new source of goodies for you.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned treading the path from aspiring writer to self-published author is that there’s no substitute for stubbornness. One day you’ll be struggling to convince yourself that the story you want to tell is special and worthy of your time and dedication . . . years later you’ll be trying to convince the rest of the world.

Much like my characters from “The Missing Spirit”, you may find I’m just as passionate, committed and barely able to hold myself together whenever apocalyptic forces set out to crush my hopes and dreams.

Whether you’re a curious reader or fellow writer questioning your motivations to carry out that which inspires you: join the club — what is a journey without peril?

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In this blog, I plan to share news, deleted scenes and insights related to bringing the first book of the series to life. “The Missing Spirit” comes out on December 18th, 2018.

May Deva be with you!


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